Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Falcons Picked Fifth...bring it on

So, the media has done their picking for the week (MAC reporter pictured at right filling out his ballot), and the conventional wisdom bus has now pulled up in front of Ford Field.  There's always a lot to say about this, and opinions are in a surplus state right now.  There will be a blog poll coming up this weekend under the auspices of Bull Run (in which I have voted...we'll discuss that later), and at the end of the season we'll look back at all this and snigger.

In the meantime, just one thing.  Miami was supposed to be one of the ten worst teams in FBS last year.  K?

Having said all that, the conventional wisdom is not high on the Falcons, who are picked 5th in the East, besting only Buffalo and Akron.  This is actually a pick I agree with, not because I don't think we will be better, but because we might have the toughest crossover schedule since the MAC went to 2 divisions.

Anyway, here are the media's picks.  Later today I will look at some very interesting things Coach Clawson had to say about the season ahead...I do think he will turn the program around and we are on track to do it.  And (would this be cool or what) it might be led by defense this year.

West Division:
1st- Toledo (8 first-place votes), 83 points
2nd- Northern Illinois (5), 81
3rd- Western Michigan, (2), 76
4th- Central Michigan (1), 55
5th- Ball State, 27
6th- Eastern Michigan, 24

East Division:
1st- Miami (4), 97
2nd- Ohio (8), 96
3rd- Temple (4), 88
4th- Kent State, 57
5th- Bowling Green, 48
6th- Buffalo, 37
7th- Akron, 25

2011 MAC Football Championship winner: Toledo.

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