Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Bronco Nation Under God Answers My Question

More blog below for some pretty high quality humor. Even laughed out loud a couple of times, from One Bronco Nation Under God.

What are the chances that your team's eyes are more focused on Oregon this week?

The team's eyes are 100 percent focused on Bowling Green this week. I think that most of that has to do with Coach Pete keeping the team's eyes in a jar on his desk and only giving them back to the players when they are studying, practicing, or reading Coach Pete's stats in old UC Davis media guides. But some of that has to do also with the fact that the Broncos have only played one game so far, and they are itching to get out on the field.

Bronco fans' eyes, however, are 85 percent focused on Oregon.

Sorry, Bowling Green, we Bronco fans have a complex about defeating Pac-10 teams on the road, so unless you plan on joining the Pac-10 and moving the game to Ohio this Saturday, we aren't going to get all that up for this thing.

To your knowledge, is Boise the only town in America with museums to honor both Blacks and the Basque?

We are also the only town in America with a museum to honor Idaho history.

We love black people and Basque people, or at least we love the idea of them. Not sure racial integration has reached our neck of the woods yet.

Seriously, I was shocked to find out Ian Johnson was still at Boise. Are there two Ian Johnsons?

Yes, there is the Ian Johnson who gained over 1700 yards his sophomore season and was in the running for the Heisman. And there is the Ian Johnson who was hurt for much of his junior year and ran timidly and sat on the bench a lot. Word out of fall camp was that the first Ian Johnson is officially back with the team this year, running through defenders and knitting his way into the heart of America. The other Ian Johnson got a job at Blockbuster.

Do you fly fish?

No, but I've seen "A River Runs Through It." That Robert Redford is something else.

After the last time we were out there, has it occurred to any Boise fan that they could lose.

No, we are pretty obstinate when it comes to our Broncos. The city of Boise pretty much expects the Broncos to win every single game they play at home, regardless of who's here. And if it doesn't happen, then everyone just kind of shrugs their shoulders, goes, "Huh, that was weird," and heads home. We are blind to our allegiances, but we haven't yet reached the level yet of living and dying with every win and loss (I do not speak for myself when I say "we;" I am living and dying as we speak).

Would Boise ever leave the WAC, where you have won about 90% of your games?

Boise State would leave the WAC in a heartbeat. And then instantly become the Idaho of the Pac-10.

And fans would be okay with that.

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