Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tisdale Leaves BGSU Basketball Program

OK, so this has been brewing on Twitter for a few hours.  Of course, this same site at one point had like 8 Falcons transferring, so I wanted to wait until we had some more confirmation...which we now have from Jordan Strack from WTOL.

JD is from Flint and is one of those guys who played for three coaches.  He came in as someone who at least was being recruited by WMU...he never really got any traction at BG.  He played a lot of minutes during Orr's last season (as a FR), averaging 16 minutes a game.  He never got that high again, going about 3 under Jans (and only about half the games) and 10 under Huger.  He averaged 2.1 points per game for his BG career.

He had some strong athletic skills and specialized in the occasional posterizing dunk in transition.  However, he shot 35% for his career and 10.3% from 3....he was 3 of  29.  As a FR, he was among the worst FT shooters I ever saw, at 35%.  To his credit he shot 64% and 69% after that, the latter being about the D1 average.

I wish JD the best in his future endeavors, which will hopefully include a college degree.

As for the team, as of today the following players will not be back:

Spencer Parker
Pep Joseph
Brandon Busuttil
JD Tisdale
Josh Gomez

BG has two players signed for next year, and now three open scholarships.  I don't have any inside info, but I wouldn't be surprised to see another player make a similar decision.

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Anonymous said...

My guess on others to possibly transfer are Denny and/or Hluchowecky.