Friday, March 04, 2016

Happy Trails, Falcon Seniors....

So tonight is Senior Night...BG has 3 seniors who will be saying Happy Trails to our University.  They have played in a difficult time in our history, two of them for three different head coaches, and the other for two.  And while last year they saw some success, the last Orr year and the first Huger year have been struggles.

They are Falcons Forever, and we honor them for being part of our history.  When things are bad, it's even more difficult.  Nothing but the best for these young men.

Spencer Parker:

Spencer Parker is currently the #35 scorer in BG history, and that could change slightly over the next couple nights, I'm not sure.  Anyway, he scored 1,000 points in his four seasons at BG, career highs in points and rebounds during his senior campaign (14/5.3) when he had23 double-digit scoring games.  He had kind of a sub-par year as a junior, so it was a nice bounce-back for him.  I think he could have really prospered for us if we had a better inside game.  He's really a tough matchup at 3 but played a lot of 4 for us, which is tough for him given his body type.

Pep Joseph

Pep was a JUCO with Chris Jans, and then stayed through the changeover. His biggest contribution was to stabilize the PG position.  When Crawford left, the Orr plan was for Jehvon Clarke to play PG, but he was never suited to that.  Pep never had great numbers...3.3 APG and he was never a successful shooter, but he did give us a stable PG who could run the offense and certainly contributed to the success of the team last year.

Brandon Busuttil

(taken directly from the BGSU release) Brandon will play his final game in the Orange and Brown at the Stroh Center on Friday night, Mar. 1. Busuttil started as a manager for the BGSU men’s basketball team as a freshman in 2012-13 and earned a walk-on spot the following year in 2013-14. After not seeing the court in 2013-14, Busuttil played in nine games last year as a junior. Coach Michael Huger awarded a full scholarship to Busuttil in January for the 2016 Spring semester.

That's a story you have to like.

That's it.  Stay in touch gentlemen.

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