Tuesday, March 01, 2016

"Spring Practice" Starts

So, BG started spring practice yesterday and Tex Jinks decided to have the boys practice outside, even though it was 40 degrees out.

John Wagner has complete write-ups in The Blade, first about the general practice and second about the 5 key questions facing the Falcons.

One key news item and then two quibbles.

The key news item is that CB Will Watson will be back with the Falcons.  He was involved in the Bryan Thomas incident in May of 2015 and did not play during 2015.  He was suspended for the entire 2015 season but now has been reinstated.  You need a lot of d-backs and if he's able to regain his form he clearly helps.

Now the quibbles.  The Blade id'd the top 5 challenges facing the program, the first of which was:

For the Falcons upperclassmen, this will be their third head coach in four seasons. And with a new coaching staff comes a new style of play, new terminology, and new ways of doing things in a variety of areas.
With all due respect, this is not the question about coaching.

Yes, those things need to happen, but the single largest question facing the program in the Spring of 2016 is whether the coaches--starting with a head coach who was in HS four years ago and continuing through a bunch of first-time assistants and first-time coordinators moving up from quality control assistants and graduate assistantships--are prepared to do the job.

They might be, they might not, but it is the single largest area of uncertainty facing the football program.

I certainly agree the QB and WR are the key offensive question marks.  I would quibble with the idea the defense is "stacked," but I guess if you return 8 of your top 11 tacklers off the #3 defense in the MAC (based on scoring in conference play...2nd based on yards per play allowed) I guess you can't quibble too much.

Lastly, as identified, Kicking is a huge question mark.


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the talk of the Texas Tech QB coming as a graduate transfer?

Orange said...

That was a rumor that turned out not to be true. He will be attending Colorado, where the former Texas Tech OC now coaches.