Friday, March 25, 2016

BG Men's Basketball Team to Tour Italy

Very cool news out of the Stroh Center this morning.  The BG Falcons men's basketball program is going to take an 11-day tour of Italy in August, playing games against top-flight competition as well as immersing themselves in a foreign culture--for most of our players, I have to believe it will be their first trip overseas.

NCAA teams are allowed to go on a foreign trip once every four years provided it is during a vacation period.  Coach Orr took his boys to Toronto a few years ago and the Falcons went to Chile in 2000.

BG is able to do this because of the ongoing legacy of Bill Frack and the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation

I'm 100% for this.  It will be a great experience for the guys and something that they will remember for their entire life.  As an aside, both Michael Huger and Anthony Stacy played basketball extensively in Europe and they can probably both speak to the benefits of traveling and living elsewhere.

I'm sure the trip will be social-media'd out the ying-yang.  You can go along if you like...

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