Wednesday, March 23, 2016

MAC Basketball Continues Tonight

MAC Basketball does continue, as Ball State and OU make runs in the CIT and CBI, respectively.  Both games below are tonight...if OU wins they are in the finals and would play in a best two out of three format for the CBI title.

I have heard that teams are often not thrilled to be in these tourneys until they start to get near the title, and then it comes to be a bigger deal.  Best of luck to all involved.

CIT Quarterfinals (BPIs listed below)

Ball State (160) @ Columbia (114) Wednesday 7:00 pm

CBI Semis:

Morehead State (137) @ Ohio University (124) Wednesday 7:00

(Winner plays the winner of Vermont and Nevada for the whole enchilada in a unique best 2 of 3 format.)

NIU plays UC-Santa Barbara in Vegas on Monday.

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