Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Falcons Land Graduate Transfer WR

The loss of Gehrig Dieter threw a wrench in BG's plans, no doubt about that.  What started out at Dieter, Moore, Redding, Rhodes, Miller became Moore, Redding, Rhodes and Miller.

That makes a difference.

Only Moore has real experience and I don't think he's ever struck anyone as a #1 WR.  None of the other 3 has put anything on paper, to speak of, as a WR.  Not to say they are without ability, just not proven.  And, in offenses where you need 4 or 5 WRs, you are vulnerable to injuries.

There were 4 WRs from signing day, with the most likely contributor being Darrion Landry, a JUCO WR.

And today The Blade is reporting that BG has Da'Mario Jones from UM....who has graduated and is going to play one year at BG.  (Graduate transfers:  the rule you hate until you don't).

Jones is an interesting story.  He went to Westland John Glenn HS, which is in the Detroit area.  He was lightly recruited for a couple reasons, including that he had moved around a lot for family reasons as a young man and that his HS team played mostly power ball.  He was committed to CMU and then switched it to UM when Hoke and Borges called while he was writing a "12-page paper on Julius Caesar."

He was not productive at Michigan.  He played 23 games and had 2 catches.  He played special teams mostly, according to his bio.

That being said, he had good speed out of HS and would be in a system that highlights WRs in space.  Who knows, he could contribute and he provides depth that is badly needed.

Welcome to the Falcons Da'Mario.

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