Friday, December 27, 2013

Sadness Accrues...Pizza Edition...Special Teams...

Actually, the news was pretty good on special teams.  Two seniors went out with a high powered bang...

The first was Boo Boo Gates, who returned a kickoff for a TD.  He is really a great KO returner, especially for a guy his size.  He returned 10 kicks this year and had 1 TD, which is remarkable.  Usually we sent Moore back, I assume because he's so fast and because Boo Boo plays so many snaps already.  In total, Gates for his career returned 87 kicks and had 3 TDs, which is 3.4%.  That seems like a high number to me, though I don't have anything to compare it to.

Anyway, it had the potential to be a game-changing play.  BG had scored at the end of the half to get the lead to 7 and then to tie the game on the first play of the 3rd Quarter was just huge.  It didn't end up being enough, but it was a huge play at the time.

I'm going to do more in appreciation of this senior class as time rolls on, but for now, that was a hell of a big play just when you had to have it.

The other senior who shined was Brian Schmeidebusch.  He was just ridiculous.  He had punts of 60, 56,46, 44, and 67, putting the last one on the 2 yard line and setting up BG's best opportunity to put the game away.  Brian has had a good career for us and this was just one day on that road, but he definitely saved a huge game for his final one.

The only downside to the special teams was the punt return TD they got.  That was costly.  They were already getting decent field position, but it made the game 17-3 and really put BG on its heels.  The Falcons responded and I suppose the two return TDs cancel each other out, but in a close game you hate to see you team give one up like that.  Also, Boyd is a player.  He is a huge recruit that Chryst kept come.  This kid is a playmaker.  And he made a play.

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