Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Coach News...

So Coach Clawson held his presser in Winston-Salem.  I didn't see it, but reports are that he was very emotional when he talked about Bowling Green and the difficulty of leaving his players.  He said Wake Forest is his dream job...etc.

Back here in the flatlands, I think the immediate concern is the bowl game.  As you know by now, Adam Scheier is going to be the Interim Coach.  I found that to be a surprise, just because you'd expect that coordinators to do that.  Apparently some people were critical of the choice, because some of the players were pushing back earlier today on Twitter.

We'll have more on Scheier tomorrow, but for now a prominent coaching rumors site is reporting that he is a candidate for the job.

Now, the other issue is whether the assistants will be in Detroit for the game.  The Strength Coach is already heading to Winston-Salem, which at this point is not such a big deal.  There is a little conflicting information from today.

As you can see, Jordan Strack of Channel 11 talked to Scheier said he expected to have all the assistants for the game, which would be fantastic and a class move by the staff to the benefit of players who deserve it.

Then, Coach in his presser said the following.  I guess it depends on what you mean by "soon."  I would guess that it means before December 26 but maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway, that will all sort itself out and I am sure we will be getting updates soon.  As I mentioned this morning, teams will bowl games all the time under these conditions, so there's no reason to despair.

For whatever it might be worth, the names mentioned early were DJ Durkin, the Florida DC who has a BG background and Luke Fickell of OSU (the defensive coordinator).  One of the other sites mentioned Mike Bajakian, the Tennessee OC.

Just a caution...lots of times it ends being someone that went un-mentioned, and that could happen here.  Usually, the first names given do not end up with the job.

And a personal note, I don't really care if the guy has a BG connection or not.  Let me give you some names of guys without BG connections:  Doyt Perry, Urban Meyer, Dave Clawson.  Get a good coach...we don't have to be so provincial. (As a commenter below correctly points out, Doyt Perry graduated from BGSU.  FalconBlog regrets the error).


Anonymous said...

Doyt Perry graduated from BG

Orange said...

Right you are! Thanks for reading!