Thursday, December 26, 2013

Defeat at Ford Field

BG lost 30-27 to Pitt tonight.  More tomorrow and in coming days about the game, just some general impressions for tonight before heading to bed.

Obviously, it was disappointing not to win.  I was pleased with the effort...I thought we played a good if not great game and certainly had the chance to win the game.  In retrospect, I think our only shot was to score with less than 1:30 left in the 4th...we left them just too much time on the clock.

The game really came down to one thing and that was BG's inability to stop James Conner.  Conner had huge holes and when BG did have a mean there, Conner was (in Scheier's words) a "bear to bring down."  He just broke tackle after tackle on his way to 229 rushing yards.

That wasn't the only effect.  Pitt got most of their offense in the 4th quarter off boot action.  The long pass to Boyd, the TD run by Voytik and the other big run he had...all came off a run fake.

The key exchange of the game came when BG down Pitt on their own 2 with the score tied 20-20.  You can see this turning the game.  BG's defense gets them off the field, gets good field position and punches in a decisive score.

Instead, Pitt converted a third-and-five and then went for 62 yards on the next play and then scored shortly after that, and what was supposed to be one thing was suddenly (and I mean suddenly) another.

BG did answer with a touchdown of its own, but, as mentioned, there was too much time on the clock and Pitt was able to get into field goal range and then convert the field goal.

It was a great season.  Double-digit wins, a conference was a special year.  I know the bowl result is not what anyone was hoping for, but it was a good effort from our guys and we are proud.  Thanks for a great season, and looking forward to next year.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the team on a great season and MAC title! Really looking forward to Falcon football next year.