Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Preview! Preview! BG Bowl History


1961 - Mercy Bowl (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Fresno State 36, Bowling Green 6

This is one no one knows about...there was a plane crash after BG played Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and 16 players from Cal were killed.  This game was a benefit for their survivors and was played at the LA Coliseum.

1982 - California Bowl (Fresno, Calif.)
Fresno State 29, Bowling Green 28

This one still hurts.  BG led the Bulldogs 28-7 entering the 4th quarter and then watched while the Bulldogs, playing on their home field, rally for over 200 4th quarter yards and a soul-crushing defeat.  The QB for Fresno State?  Jeff Tedford.

1985 - California Bowl (Fresno, Calif.)
Fresno State 51, Bowling Green 7

This is one we will never forget.  BG was undefeated that season and we were very excited.  Very.  Then, in the week leading up to the game our Head Coach, Denny Stolz, was busy lining up a job at San Diego State instead of getting us ready to play.  I know, a common occurrence now but very rare then.  Anyway, it was one of the most colossal ass kickings in our history.  Also, I took the GRE exam that day (this was my senior year) and let's just say I was the only person on the BG campus who had a worse day than the football team.

1991 - California Raisin Bowl (Fresno, Calif.)
Bowling Green 28, Fresno State 21

BG's first bowl win, this one was a thriller.  This is the first of two Blackney bowl wins and is most remembered for a crazed Phil Villipiano getting himself a penalty, despite having no actual role in the game.

1992 - Las Vegas Bowl (Las Vegas, Nev.)
Bowling Green 35, Nevada 34

Memorable in that BG pulled out victory when the Nevada punter tried to catch a late snap with his facemask.

2003 - Motor City Bowl (Detroit, Mich.)
Bowling Green 28, Northwestern 24

A top moment in the program's history.  First, it included beating a Big 10 team, always a proud moment for the folks, and then it was a bowl game a lot of fans could make.  It was a pretty good environment and a tough game but also a great way to send Josh Harris out.

2004 - GMAC Bowl (Mobile, Ala.)
Bowling Green 52, Memphis 35

Welcome Omar Jacobs to the scene as BG beats a pretty good Memphis team in Mobile.  I wasn't there, but I think Mobile has the best bowl week experience of anywhere we regularly go.  BG scored 52, could have scored more.

2007 - GMAC Bowl (Mobile, Ala.)
Tulsa 63, Bowling Green 7

Yeah.  1985 all over again, total catastrophe.  I believe this still stands as the worst bowl loss ever by any team.

2009 - Humanitarian Bowl (Boise, ID)
Idaho 43, Bowling Green 42

Idaho rallies late to win game BG should never lost.  Vandals go for 2 instead of tie to win game.

2012 - Military Bowl (Washington, DC)
San Jose State 29, Bowling Green 20

BG was down 22-20 when Matt Schilz was sacked and fumbled, leading the Spartans to the clinching touchdown.  QB David Fales was too much for BG defense.  Note...Spartans playing for an interim coach.

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