Friday, December 06, 2013

1992, 2003, 2013


A Falcon team loses @OSU and @Wisconsin and then reels off 8 straight to win the MAC.  In those days, you had to win the MAC to go bowling and BG beat Nevada in the "punter takes the snap in the face mask game."

Where we you?  If you were a current Falcon player, there is a good chance you had not even been born yet.

The team was coached by Gary Blackney.  Captains were Erik White, Artie Mangham and Dave Bielinski.

MAC Champions.  Hasn't happened again.

In between, there was a fat punter, the dark Blackney years, Urban Meyer, Big Ben, the dark Brandon years and through it was one common thread.  No MAC titles.

2003.  Remember where you were?

I was at the Doyt for the December matchup with Miami.  In those days, the MAC Championship was on home field.  It was cold.  BG had no answer to Big Ben.  Tacklers bounced off him and he would send single receivers out against a full BG backfield and find the guy open.  BG put up a tough fight, but Miami was just unstoppable.

I remember leaving the stadium.  I had to pass down the tunnel under a mob of Miami fans who leaned over the railing and taunted me.

A great season...the GameDay season...the Motor City Bowl season...just not a championship season.


Now BG has just its 2nd chance to win the MAC title since the division format started...and the program's first conference title since 1992.

It has been a long time and way too long.

The fact that BG is running up against the MAC's most dominant QB since Big Ben should not be lost on anyone...certainly, BG has drawn tough assignments in the two games.

I think I shared a lot of people's surprise at the line, which was only 3 points.  Clearly, BG is getting the respect it deserves. After losing 2 in a row, I think the Falcons found a way to raise their game and I think they are clearly playing their best football right now.  If one team has heavier pressure, it isn't us...NIU has a lot riding on this game.

I don't know how it is going to turn out, but I believe our guys will be ready to play.  I believe the team is as good as it can be right now.  And I believe they will have a plan to win.  The game is the game...but I have confidence our guys won't flinch and will bring their best game.  And I believe they will make us proud.

Let's get it started!

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