Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nuggets on Pitt from Game Notes

Notes from Pitt Games notes

Pitt 29-3 vs. MAC.  Losses to BG, OU and UT.

Not many people view Detroit as a nice change of pace (and, hey, the city has been poorly led for a long time but there's fun stuff to do there and it doesn't deserve the scorn it gets), but Pitt has played in the BBVA Compass the last three years.  That's in Birmingham, AL.  Which is probably a better place than I think it is.

They have played 124 years of football at Pitt.

Pitt played 12 true freshman this season.

That includes WR Tyler Boyd who had 77 catches, beating the current freshman record of a guy named Larry Fitzgerald.

I have long touted the virtues of recruiting guys from Pittsburgh.  That's a football culture.  Pitt has a bunch of those guys...and Matt Johnson played in the WPIAL too.

Savage (QB) had 11 TDs over 3 INT over last 8 games.  Was INT-prone early in the year.

Bobby Engram, star Penn State WR, is now a coach at Pitt.

Brooks Bollinger, former WI QB is coaching QBs.

Their d-coordinator, Matt House, is from Harrison, MI, and was an assistant coach for Buffalo during the "crowd was pitiful" game.

10-year NFL veteran Hank Poteat coaches the d-backs.

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