Friday, December 21, 2012

The night the lights went out in Tampa

I will have a full recap tomorrow, but in the meantime, just a heartbreaking loss for the Falcons tonight at the Sun Dome.  This would have been a very big win for us, to beat a Big East team on the would have built on the MSU game and given the team a big confidence boost heading into the Christmas break.

Instead, BG failed to close a 7 point lead in regulation and then probably had an even better shot to win in the 3rd overtime when Anthony Henderson had a breakaway with a 2 point lead in the final seconds....Coach Hopson said after the game he "went for a dunk when he could have pulled it back out" and the dunk was blocked and they came down and hit a hoop with a free throw and from there it was on the track for the Bulls to win.

On the breakaway, you had to feel it was over, but five seconds later it was not.

And that's just the 3rd over time...the last two minutes of regulation were just as frustrating.

To be fair, USF also had the game won at the end of the first overtime and lost the lead, so it wasn't all one way.

To their credit, the team kept battling on the road, but we absolutely had the game won more than once and didn't close it down and will fly back north tomorrow morning with a loss that should have been a signature win for our season.

This team is playing better than it did earlier...maybe we are on the right vector.

More tomorrow.

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