Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sadness Accrues. Good Defensive Effort Falls Short

The Bowling Green defense showed up today and showed that they are as a good as we thought they were.  They played very tough against what Coach Clawson called 'the best passing offense we played all year."

I was just really proud of the effort the defense put out there.  They absolutely kept the team in the game and gave the offense every opportunity to put BG in a position to win--which ultimately they did not.

Coach said that "we didn't make enough plays on offense" and he said that has been our problem all season.

BG scored 20 points, and 7 of those came on an 8 yard drive off the fumble.  They had two red zone opportunities in the first half and generated only 6 points, and while we are happy to have the made field goals (first time in more than a year we have 2 FGs in the same game), a touchdown on at least one of them would have been really helpful.  This offense generates little enough, they have to score when the opportunity is there.

There was a lot, and we will have more tomorrow.  BG's style requires strong special teams--especially punting--and as good as Schmiedebusch has been over the last two years, the guy had a bad day today.

And yes, I thought it was clearly a fumble on that big replay, but that's not what made the difference. I'd trade that for the sack when BG was first and goal in the first half.

Coach Clawson said it was a good season and every time we had the chance to make it a special season, we did not make enough plays on offense.

I will say this.  I feared that this was a Tulsa in the GMAC Bowl situation, but then I forgot that our Coach is named Clawson and not Brandon, and BG made a very credibile effort.  A win would have been great, but I do think the program is heading in the right direction and is in solid hands.  Can't wait for next season to start.

More tomorrow.

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