Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chris Jones, All-American

Huge news for the Falcon football program...Chris Jones was named an All-American.  He is on the third team on the AP All-American team.  He joins Mike Weger and Martin Bayless to be All-American in Division IA for the Falcons.

Can't be happier for him.  I believe that makes him eligible to get his number in the "Cast of Honor" at the Doyt...but even more than that, it is incredible recognition for a player who truly put everything on the line for the Falcons.  He's a War Daddy!

A comment from Noel (see below) reminds me of a small qualifier....those are the only POSITION players to be All-Americans.  There was Leaver fever....

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Noel said...

I've got LEAVER FEVER! First team AP 1994.