Thursday, December 13, 2012

Latest on Clawson Rumors...

And honestly, I think that's all they are.

Last time we talked, it was Colorado and Temple.  Mike McIntyre is going to Colorado and yesterday it was reported that Clawson had removed his name from consideration at Temple, which must have meant he or someone had allowed it to be in consideration.

Anyway, what makes this so difficult to follow, especially for the mainstream "fact based" media is that good info is hard to come by.  For example...if you want to say someone didn't "interview" what does that mean?  If a person says he had "no conversations" does that mean that his agent did?  And, how many coaches (not including Darrell Hazell) directly denied interest in moving on before doing so.  Finally, if you try to prove something didn't happen you are trying to prove a negative and that's supposed to be impossible.

Yesterday, the internet informed us that Barry Alvarez was in Northwest Ohio.  Presumably, he was interviewing a Coach.  The Wisconsin media jumped to the idea it was Matt Campbell, but that dude is in Idaho (presuming he didn't fly back to talk to Alvarez) for their bowl game, so it wasn't him.  Which leaves us with a slimmer level of options of Northwest Ohio people with college coaching experience, including Carty Finkbeiner, Dino Dawson, Dick Cromwell, Frank Lauterbur and Dave Clawson.

Well, it didn't take long for that go get winnowed and interpreted to mean that Alvarez was talking to Dave Clawson, eventually resulting in a tweet by ESPN's Joe Schad.

A couple of things.  First, Alvarez could have been recruiting and he could have been meeting with someone for advice on the coaching search.  Or, he was jonesing for a Packo's dog.

The Wisconsin fanbase, as represented on twitter, went beserk.  They don't like the idea one bit.  They immediately call up the Tennessee Experience...and then there's the fact he has a losing record in his only FBS Head Coaching gig.

I find it hard to believe that Clawson will end up with that job.  Not that I don't think he's a good coach, because I think he is.  But, there's uncertainty in any decision and Alvarez certainly is in a position to find someone with less uncertainty than Clawson.

Alvarez is a strong actor and will do what he thinks is right. I just don't think he ends up with Clawson as his top choice.

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