Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Devon McKoy Suspended for Military Bowl

Somehow in the great excitement over the holidays I missed that BG's CB Devon McKoy has been suspended for the bowl game and did not make the trip with the team, based on this report in the Blade.

He's still on the team, just fell under the "conduct detrimental" clause.

Falcon Fodder also reported that everyone else who didn't have a season-ending injury was in practice, although the San Jose paper reported that Darrell Hunter is questionable for the game.

For the Spartans, the Blade reports that Anthony Larceval, a JR DT with 6.5 sacks on the year is in the hospital with an undisclosed but "serious" illness.  Obviously, that doesn't sound good and we wish the best for him.

Also, their FR LB Hector Roach, who is a co-starter, is out of the game due to undisclosed eligibility issues.

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