Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reported Football Verbal and Signing.... is reporting a verbal commit and a signing for next year for the football team.

The first is a "Y" TE, Hunter Folkertsma, from Forest Hill Central HS, which is in Grand Rapids, MI.  (A Y TE is a more traditional blocking and receiving TE).  The scouting report on says this is a "greyshirt offer" which may or may not actually be true...but here is what that is, if you are unfamiliar.  Hunter is interviewed here by a local site and seems excited about coming to Bowling Green and being a Falcon.

He's 6'6" and 235, which is a pretty good sized fella.

The reported signing is JUCO transfer Paul Senn (see below).  He's a LB, 6'1" 230 and he averaged 5.7 tackles per game last year.

At some point, he was playing at New Mexico (correction New Mexico state.  We regret the error) and in HS he was all-league on what was a successful team. JUCO guys are hard to track down, but as far as Senn goes, there you are.  I would suspect that he was recruited to add depth to the LB Corps, which lost Dwayne Woods from this season.  The early signing is (again assuming) designed to get him enrolled for the January semester and in spring practice.

Welcome to the Falcons, Hunter and Paul.

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