Sunday, December 09, 2012

Clawson in mix at Temple? Colorado?

Just a quick note, there are mainstream media accounts that indicate that Dave Clawson is in the mix for the opening at Temple.  

So are lots of people, including the Coach at San Jose State.  A couple pro coaches, former BG assistant Stan Drayton....etc.

Clawson has geographic history in the area, which might make him attractive and he has shown his coaching ability in bringing the BG program back from the depths.  He also has shown he can win running the ball, which is how Temple is built.

For those of you who are going to say that Temple isn't going to be a step up, especially given the loss of BCS eligibility in the Big East and the strong potential that the Big East will leave football eventually.  (It wouldn't even surprise me to see Temple back in the MAC for football.)

I understand all those things and would add that with the team he has coming back, Clawson might be an even more attractive candidate next year.

On the other hand, Temple was paying Golden $550K to coach in the MAC, so you have to figure Addazio was making more.  Even at Golden's level, that's 200K more a year, and you'd have to think about that....right?

Anyway, just another edition of "Don't fall in love with your Coach."  I like Coach Clawson and I think he's done a nice job with our program and I'd love for him to stay, but if he wants to move on, we'll wish him well and challenge our AD to find another good one.

Update:  SI's Pete Thamel is reporting Clawson is "in the mix."

Update II:  There are now some internet rumors from a type guy that Clawson is also in the mix at Colorado.

Update III:  People seem pretty sure that San Jose HC (and BG Bowl opponent) Mike MacIntyre will take the job in Colorado.

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