Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Thank You, Butler

Just a thank you note to Butler.  Thank you from every fan of every mid-major program...thank you for your thrilling performance, for going toe to toe with the big boys, and thank you for beating them most of the time.  It was a wonderful run.

I know you are probably pretty disappointed this morning, and I can certainly understand that.  You were an inch from doing something incredible and unthinkable.

I was really heartened when I saw on Twitter how many fans were wearing THEIR colors to show their support for Butler.

You did it with guys that big schools did not want at the time.  You did it with hard work, a team concept, fundamental basketball and some really good players.  You schedule tough, and you can win big games.

Thank you.  It was an inspiration to see you play.  On behalf of mid-major fans everywhere, I salute you.

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