Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday Scrimmage---Coaches Comment, the wind laughs

Falcons had a scrimmage yesterday, and posted some audio of the coach's comments.  A little hint here would be to step inside the SEBO Center (or anywhere) because the audio has the quality of an FBI wirtetap.

Anyhoo....a couple of things were picked up.

First, the coach said the following players had stood out during spring practice:

WR Jordan Hopgood
RB Erique Geiger
TE  Alex Bayer
LB Paul Swan
CB Robert Lorenzi

He said the scrimmage showed improvement, but that the offense did not make as many plays as he would like to see.  He said it is the defense's turn to shine for the program.  (Which is historically pretty accurate).

Finally, he declined all opportunities to say who would start at QB, who is leading in the "pecking order," who is taller or who has a sausage egg muffin for breakfat today.  Curiously, he denied that Matt Schilz exists or ever did exist.

OK, I made the last part up.

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