Wednesday, April 21, 2010 is reporting MAC to pick up 2 additional Bowl Affiliations is report an exclusive that the MAC is going to add two more bowl affiliations, taking it to 5, the most in its history.

The final two will be what are known as secondary bowl agreements, which means the MAC has a tie-in if the primary conference does not have enough teams.  More details are expected on Friday.

This is really good news.  The MAC has enjoyed having more teams in post-season play, but the new rule allowing 6-6 teams to go to bowl games over 7-5 teams was putting that in peril.  If this pans out as suggested, it is a really nice opportunity for the MAC to keep itself in post-season play.  The tie-ins means that the MAC would have dibs on those bowls even if a 6-6 team from a major conference is available.

Is it possible that the bowl games would rather not have a disinterested 6-6 team from a major conference?

Congratulations to the MAC leadership for making this happen.

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