Saturday, April 03, 2010

Scrimmage Report

The Falcons held a scrimmage today at the Doyt and the BG athletic department liveblogged the first hour or so.  Here are some of the nuggets of info they provided to their live blogging fanbase.  Anything outside the quotes is my uninformed commentary.

  • Clawson said on Thursday that he does not expect to name a starting QB until sometime this summer
  • I would guess that Calvin Marshall or Tim Moore will take Sanderson's position, but that is just my guess
Both were D backs this year.  Tim Moore was good enough to play last year as a true freshman but at Safety.  The prior regime moved guys from S to LB fairly regularly, and with Jerett Sanderson it was a pretty big success.
  • right now it looks as if Dwayne Woods will play the middle and Champ Fells will take over for Schneider
I think this is interesting.  I guess everyone assumed Fells would be in the middle.
  • I think everyone is expecting big things from Kamar (Jordan)
This is in response to a question I asked.  Kamar Jordan is a JUCO player who might well be a sleeper for the Falcons at WR.
  • Keith Morgan saw a lot of time last year so I would guess he has one of the spots, but the other could be up for grabs ... Lane Robilotto has been starting at the other S spot
  • Jerry Phillips just bombed a punt from the 30 through the endzone
I'd be interested in a wind reading.
  • Roussos has made several big plays, Adrien Spencer has looked strong as well.

Then, the fans participating in the liveblog were asked to vote on who they thought would be the starting QB next.  It was not made clear to what extent it would be taken into account by the coaching staff, but I'm guess it was purely for exhibition.  I think a residual combination of Brown homers and name recognition put Pagel on top.  From what I could tell, Schilz had some success with the offense.  There were nice runs by Geter and Pettigrew, and a nice play by Alex Bayer.

I voted for Pankratz and I believe it will be between him and Schilz, in the end.

Who will be the Falcons' starting QB when the Falcons face Troy on Sept. 4?
 Trent Hurley ( 8% )
 Aaron Pankratz ( 23% )
 Caleb Watkins ( 0% )
 Kellen Pagel ( 38% )
 Matt Schilz ( 31% )

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