Thursday, April 01, 2010

Clawson Presser--Mid-Spring Edition

Coach Clawson did a quick presser today, and while much of the audio on is hard to hear due to the wind, here is what I did salvage.

Coach said that ecause we have a new QB, we must be more balanced than last year.  He is encouraged to date that Pettigrew and Geiger are both really improving at RB, as they look to spell Geter and then be starters when he graduates.  Also, Geter has had some injuries, and there is a good chance those guys will be needed, though Geter stayed healthy last year.

He said that Shaun Joplin is still learning to play football, but does some things "you can't teach."  We are deep at WR this year, and it didn't sound to me like he expected Joplin to get a lot of catches this Fall, but that still has to play out.

He also said that Jordan Hopgood is having a good Spring, also at WR.

The BG News also had some notes from practice, which I have pasted below.  Any comments I have follow in ().

1. Bart Tanski: The former Mr. Ohio and quarterback has been switched to wide receiver. He made a one-handed catch in the corner of the end zone during practice. As far as I could see, he got his feet inbounds.  (This has been a hot topic on  Good to see us finding ways to get him into games, because there are 4 QBs ahead of him).
2. Chris Scheidt: One of the up-and-coming receivers on the team, Scheidt made a nice one-handed catch in the open field for what would have been a first down.
3. Tyrone Pronty: Coach Dave Clawson fully expects Pronty to be given a medical redshirt for the 2009 season and a fifth season of eligibility.
4. Calvin Wiley: Clawson is not sure if Wiley will be awarded a sixth year of eligibility, but he does expect him to. This is because Wiley has basically missed two seasons with injury during his career.
5. Quarterbacks: Clawson is still not sure which player has the edge in the quarterback battle. He did say that by the end of spring he hopes to have his top two figured out.
6. DeMark Jenkins: Jenkins will remain a tight end this season.  (I would think so, given that we lost our only 2 TEs last year.

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