Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MAC Draft Preview

So, the NFL Draft starts Thursday, PRIME-TIME baby.

I know lots of you say that it is over-hyped.  It probably is.

I can't stop watching.

I took a look at the MAC players who are eligible, and tried to make some guesses about where they might go.  The only disclaimer is that I can't anticipate Al Davis having some kind of bizarre vision such as when he reached for Mike Mitchell of OU in the second-freaking round last season.

This appears to be a lean year for the MAC.  Last season, 10 players were drafted.  This year, there is a chance that the MAC will have only 5 or 6 players picked.  The last time there were only six picked was in 2006 (though with Greg Jennings, new Lion Tony Sheffler and Dominick Hixon it was pretty distinguished) and the last time there were 5 was in 2002.

Here is how I view MAC players going over the next few days.

3rd Round:  Taylor Price.  I have to be candid in that I did not know that Price was as highly regarded as he is.  He had only one catch against BG, though it was a 35 yard TD.  He was only 2nd team All-MAC.  Despite this, he is looking to be a 3-4 round pick, and the highest pick from the MAC.

4th Round:  It is hard to figure out Dan LeFevour.  I know he played in the MAC, and I know he didn't play in a pure dropback system and he certainly is a project.  On the other hand, he was North MVP at the Senior Bowl and a proven talent and winner.  The draft gurus seem to think he might go as late as the 5th but I like him in the 4th.

5th Round:  Two MAC players should go about here.

I have a sneaking hunch that Barry Church will be the next MAC player taken.  He could go late 4th or early 5th.  He's a very solid football with lots of field experience who would be an outstanding special teams player as well.

Antonio Brown--Brown is a very talented playmaker who has a shot to play in the NFL.

6th Round---Temple LB Junior Galette.

7th Round or UDFA--

Well, here we go.  Freddie Barnes obviously had a historic season for BG last year.  He played in East West Shrine game, made some grabs, but was not invited to the combine.  He certainly has gotten his share of workouts in the past few weeks.  He has also been a speed camp, though I have no idea if that has improved any of the measurables.  On one hand, I think he's a football player and has a shot at making a roster. He would also contribute on special teams.  On the other hand, the NFL is so addicted to measurements that I can't see him going much before this.

I believe Stephen Williams (UT) has a shot at being drafted of a UDFA with a shot at making a roster as well.

So, we'll see how it all turns out.  However you look at it, we can expect a slow day in the MAC.

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Tim said...

How are you missing Starks or Roosevelt? Something is a bit amiss ;)