Monday, April 26, 2010

Coach Orr Enjoys Privileges

As you know, these AAU tournaments are the source of a lot of controversy, and, frankly, some shady dealings in college basketball.  So the NCAA has set up some rules to govern it.

Which always works.

Anyway, one of those rules is that Coaches are now allowed to attend this events until July.  Because if they were there in April and May, oh man, that would be some sh*t there.

There is an exception, however.  If your own child is playing, you are allowed to attend.  (Somewhere, John Caliperi just adopted 11 AAU players).

So, Coach Orr's son Chauncey is playing in the King James Shooting Star Classic.  Chauncey is a 6'4" swingman.  Rumors that he is known as "shorty" in the family are unconfirmed.  Anyway, the PD spotted Coach Orr and his wife in attendance.

"I don't get to go to all of his games like this," Orr said as he and his wife Evette watched their son in the first game of the event. "But when I can, I do."

And, for the record, the PD reporter witnessed Coach Orr leave after Chauncey's game.

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