Sunday, April 25, 2010

MAC Draft Report

So, the MAC ends up with 5 players drafted.  This is a low number, and would have been lower except Jameson Konz jumped in and saved that.  He was a FB at Kent State, and, gotta tell you, I had no idea at all who he was.  It was pretty funny though...on Saturday, ESPN would run Mel's top picks at each position, and because Konz was number 2 at FB, his picture was up A LOT.  He was drafted, however.

Weirder yet, he is apparently going to play WR at Seattle and is described as "freakishly athletic."

And he looks like the cover of one of those romance novels.

Anyway, the 5 players picked is the lowest since 2002.  The last time there was 4 was in 1999.

Obviously, guys are signing UDFA contracts as we speak.  According to the Draft Bible, here are the MAC signees as of right now.  This is a moving target and more will probably sign today, so check back often at his site.

  • Barry Church, Dallas
  • Tyler Sheehan, Houston
  • Freddie Barnes, DA BEARS
  • Tim Hiller Colts
  • Bryan Anderson, NE
  • Namaan Roosevelt, Buffalo Bills
  • Steve Maneri (TE-Temple), Houston
  • Devin Tyler (OT-Temple) Arizona
  • Dominique Harris (DB-Temple) Buffalo
  • Andre Neblett-(NT-Tempe)  Carolina
  • Alex Joseph (LB-Temple)  Green Bay
  • Mike Newton (S-Buffalo)  Indy
  • Chad Turner (CB-Ohio)  Indy
  • Josh Gordy (CB-CMU) Jacksonville

Overall, it was obviously not a big year numerically for the MAC, nor were there any real stars or big names dropped into the mix.  Some of these guys did drop into nice situations, especially Taylor Price.  Also, Dan LeFevour will learn a lot from Martz in the next year before the Bears fire his ass because no one can stand him.

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