Friday, August 07, 2015

Pre-Season Depth Chart

So, Fall camp starts tomorrow and then the show is underway.  It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.  To get us warmed up, the fall preview guide is out.  Feel free to navigate over to and check it out.

The most interesting thing is the depth chart.  I'm honestly not sure what it actually means, since BG puts a depth chart in the game notes and rarely if ever changes it.  Dino is a little on the "don't tell the opponents thing on the other side of the ledger."

The offense is largely as expected.  Bennett, Hunter, McAuliffe, Huettel and Dietz across the front, with only one senior and yet experience.  Matt Johnson is first at QB.  The WRs are interesting...Dieter, Moore, Burbrink and surprise, just what we finished with last year...backups are Gallon, Hosley, Redding and Coby.  So, the news there is that Robbie Rhodes is not on the two-deep.  At the end of the Spring Coach said that Rhodes would not be on the two-deep, so I guess this isn't a huge surprise.  Anyway, it is also a sigh of how deep the WRs are.  (He is on the roster).

RBs are Greene and Coppet.  TE is JUCO transfer Derek Lee.

The defense shows a few more question marks.

On the line, BG has Baird, Sanders, Bush and a walk-on named David Konowalski from Milwaukee.  One of those spots would have been Bryan Thomas.  In the middle, Zach Colvin is back with Taylor Roster, Mike Minns and Gus Schweiterman.  They might be fine, but we have never seen those guys perform on a really high level, and if teams can run on us they can keep that offense off the field.  Note that Bush played only 6 games last year...and that transfer Malik Brown is also no on the two-deep, though on the roster.

At LB, the starters are Austin Valdez, Aaron Banks and James Sanford.  Sanford and Valdez played quite a big last year.  Banks is a guy who came highly touted to BG as a Safety...who might have ended up here due to an injury in his senior season of HS.  Anyway, he has vaulted his way to the starting spot in the middle.  Backups are Trent Greene (who has largely been a special teams guy), Nate Locke (who retains his spot as MLB back up) and Nilahah Ballew, who has also been moved up from S.  With the exception of Valdez, BG is very undersized at LB.

In the backfield, in addition to the expected losses, Will Watson is no longer on the roster.  The CBs are Darrell Hunter, who was slated to start last year before Clint Stephens pushed him out, and, well, Clint Stephens.  Walk-on Alphonso Mack and Fr. Marcus Milton (who came to BG with Roger Lewis) are backups.  At S, ND transfer Eilar Hardy has a huge role at SS and Denard Turner, who played quite a bit last year during Ryland Ward's injury, will start.  Back ups are Ben Hale and Isaiah Gourdine, the latter of whom has seen the most game action.

Special teams are very solid.  Tate at PK, Davidson at P, Hohenstein at LS and Farinella on kickoffs.
One thing to watch for is the incoming FR, especially in the defensive backfield.  Last year, Clint Stephens broke in at CB and you could see something like that again this year.

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