Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Football roster updates....

Hat tip to BGSU33 over at, who went through the roster from the Spring game and compared it to the roster that was recently updated.  (This isn't the full list, I took out the guys who were already gone by the spring game).  The following is from his post.  The first 6 were not really news and have been mentioned at some point or another.

Others were more news.  The biggest is Cody Callaway, who was set to be a two-star player, with baseball and football.  He was drafted in baseball and he played as a true FR last year in both sports. I don't believe there has been anything official on this, so it would all be speculation, but it would not be a terrible surprise if he decided to focus on baseball.

Zack Sharp is not a surprise.  Our initial post on his commit said he was expected to grey-shirt and enroll in January.

Dingle and Beery were both recruited guys who played on defense.  As mentioned, Dingle was on the spring depth chart and Beery played 2 games last year.  As far as I can tell, the other guys were walk-ons.

DE Bryan Thomas - Suspended and I assume dismissed
CB Nick Johnson - Suspended and dismissed
CB Will Watson - Suspended and I assume dismissed since he was still on the last roster before update
DL Jhalil-Nashid Croley - Dismissed
QB Clayton Nicholas - Transferred
RB Andre Givens - Decided not to return
QB Cody Callaway - If he's gone that leaves us with just 3 QB's with Nicholas transferring
CB Travahn Beery - Article said he is transferring to D-II Malone.
OT Corey Matlock - Was the #2 RT on spring depth chart
LB Jalen Dingle - Was the #2 MLB on spring depth chart
DB Marcus Boomer - Depth at DB
TE/DL Jake Nachtrab - Moved between DL & TE
OL Zack Sharp - Incoming frosh
WR Ryon Lucas - Heard he was a preferred walk-on
DL Shemar Moss - Heard he was a preferred walk-on


Anonymous said...

I wonder where that leaves us in terms of the 85 scholarships. We'd seem to have a lot to give.

Orange said...

It is a good question. It is hard to know for sure because you don't know if and when walk-ons get scholarships.