Thursday, March 21, 2013

Clawson talks after first "Spring" practice with pads

Yeah, "spring" practice has been a test for the football teams here in the Mid-west.  Today is, of course, the very first day of spring and it has been fricking freezing.  The first spring practice took place in snow.

It seems like we used to go later, but maybe I'm just wrong about that.

Anyway, a bundled up Coach Clawson talked after the practice yesterday and the video is up on

Here are some high points:

D-line is a challenge.  Jarius Campbell, Ted Ouellete and Bryan Thomas are all out with injury, so we aren't working with our starters.  Yes, it means Isaah Lunsford, Mike Minns and Kendall Montgomery (yes, the experiment continues!) are getting more reps, but it also means that you aren't getting your top guys out there.

They are counting on Zach Colvin to add depth inside the line.

On the offensive line, Coach says we have numbers but won't have depth until we have multiple "playable guys."  Jordan Roussos graduated and Christian Piazza is getting the shot at that spot, but is being pushed.  BG has a few R-FR and the question is how many of them will be ready.  It needs to be a couple, for depth.

As an aside, this is one of the things about football.  You get behind the 8-ball at a position that is development-heavy like O-line and it will take you forever to dig yourself out.

He also said that Darion Delaney is on a make or break year.  He actually said that if it doesn't happen for him this year, "it might not happen."

He was asked about WR.  He says that the team needs Gallon and Joplin to turn into All-MAC players who are a factor in every game, not just an occasional great play or big game.  They have to produce every week.  Beyond them, he says this is a position a FR can play at, but the FR are obviously not here yet.

Finally, QB.  He says that Matt Schilz needs to be "much more consistent" than he was last year.  He needs to make the big-time throws and the average throws.  He will be pushed by Matt Johnson and James Knapke, both of whom Clawson says he has confidence in.

I'm pleased to see this.  I don't have the severe Schilz issues some people have--he hasn't always had much support around him--but I do think he can be better and hopefully he gets pushed to be better or one of the younger guys can step in.  As good as the defense might be, for a special team I do think we need better QB play.

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