Wednesday, November 09, 2011

NIU, Part II

Just a few things from looking at the stats...

First, BG needed offense in this game.  NIU has been torched defensively and for BG to score only 14 points is very disappointing.  It starts on the o-line, which has been improved and is healthy, but was dominated by the Huskies.  A few things...

  • BG had only 14 first downs...4 in the second half.
  • BG's rushing was pretty good at 5.4 yards per sack adjusted carry.
  • However, the team completed only 55% of its passes for 6.4/attempt and 11.6/reception.  (Latter number is good but remember the game started with a huge TD pass).
  • BG averaged 5.9 yards per play, which is average.
  • Samuel had a nice game, but since we were behind, Coach said we had to abandon the run.
  • BG gave up only 1 sack but 7 hurries
  • BG was 2 of 13 on 3rd down.
  • BG had one turnover, a fumble.
I don't know what to say, but I think it is clear that our offense simply is not what we needed this year.  In my preview, this was something that concerned me, and that was before we knew about Samuel.  The O-line and perhaps the QB are not getting the job done at a high level and it seems like we get the most production out of Jorden at WR.  Given Clawson's rep as an offensive coach, I have to confess I'm surprised that this is still as much of an issue as it is.  I do understand that you have to compete up front and things were very empty on the O-line, but I would have expected BG to move the ball better by this point of this season.

On defense, you know, you expected these guys to get points and yards, and they didn't let anyone down, with
 623 yards and 45 points.  That equals 80 plays and 7.8 yards per play, and I suspect few teams win when they allow that kind of profile.  They were 8 of 15 on third down and did not turn the ball over.

NIU averaged 18.9 yards per pass completion, which is just ridiculous.

Harnish averaged 8.9 yards per rush and was not once stopped for negative yards, ditto.

On special teams, they certainly were less disastrous than the week before.  Schemidebusch had a nice game, and no field goals were attempted.  Gates had 186 yards on 8 KO returns, including a 58 yarder.

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