Wednesday, September 01, 2010

MAC Roundtable

Last year we instituted a MAC Blog Roundtable, and it was a really good time.  There are a number of very strong blogs in the conference providing strong content and a fan's perspective.  This will come out weekly.  The blogs take turns writing questions, and this week they come from Over the Pylon, a Ball State blog.  The answers will be compiled and posted on Friday, which I will provide a link to.

Meanwhile, here are my responses.

1.) Life is all about wins. What is the one premier upset the MAC will achieve this season that could gain this conference some national respectability?

Well, assuming that we are talking at least somewhat plausibly, I would say that it would be:

Ohio U. beating OSU at the Shoe.  (Most common BCS fan's comment:  "I honest to god thought Frank Solich was dead.")

A close second would be Toledo beating Boise on the blue turf.  

And, if we want to venture onto fantasy island, then Miami winning in the Swamp would be pretty impressive for the MAC...except for the Federal Investigation that would be launched as soon as the game ended.

2.) Talk about your own team for a minute... what's three things the blogosphere and their readers should know about your respective beloved team this season?

1.  We are seeing a couple of dreadful Brandon classes right now.  In Clawson's second year, 17 of the players on the depth chart are guys he recruited.

2. Our receivers will be stronger than they were last year.

3. Look for huge improvement at LB with Champ Fells and Dwayne Woods.

3.) What game on your schedule are you looking forward to the most? Why? If that game happens to be a nonconference game, what conference game are you looking forward to the most as well?

Well, I would lie if I would say I am not looking forward to seeing my team play in the Big House.  And I am always looking forward to the first home game.  As for conference games, there is only one game I always look forward to on the schedule....the Rockets!

4)  Who, besides Dan LeFevour will hurt their team the most by their departure? Conversely, what freshman in the MAC are you most looking forward to seeing?

I'm going to say Bowling Green, but not for the player people might expect.  Freddie Barnes will, of course, be missed, but we do have a solid squad of receivers.  On the other hand, Tyler Sheehan will be greatly missed.  Not that Matt Schilz won't be a good player, but Sheehan completed almost 65% of his passes and had only 7 INTs in 575 passing attempts.  That's pretty good, given that teams knew BG was passing and there was little run support.

As for freshman, um, Trey Zeigler?

5.) MAC Power Poll... Rank 'em all, worst to first.

     1)  Temple
     2)  WMU
     3)  NIU
     4)  Kent
     5)  OU
     6)  Toledo
     7)  CMU
     8)  BG
     9)  Buffalo
     10) Ball State
     11) Miami
     12) Akron
     13)  EMU

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