Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Game by Game, reviewed, with humility

Well now, it is time to call in the accounts.  Before the season, I went through and predicted how each Falcon game would turn out.  That's all before the season--not week by week.

So, let's see how I did.

9/3/2009 Troy LOSE  WRONG

We won this game.  I was afraid that Troy's front seven would be too much for us.

9/12/2009 at Missouri LOSE  RIGHT

Thought Missouri would be too much, was right.

9/19/2009 at Marshall WIN  WRONG

This was a disappointment, I thought BG would have enough to beat the Herd.

9/26/2009 Boise State LOSE  RIGHT

Boise was even better than I expected

10/3/2009 * Ohio WIN  WRONG

Probably the most disappointing loss of the season.  I liked the match up because their offense wouldn't be expected to exploit our young D, but our offense missed on a couple plays.

10/10/2009 * at Kent State WIN  RIGHT

Falcons rally to win.

10/17/2009 * at Ball State LOSE WRONG

Ball State was WAY worse than I expected, unable to make use of their great RB.

10/24/2009 * Central Michigan LOSE  RIGHT

Thought CMU would have too much and I was right..

11/3/2009 * at Buffalo WIN  RIGHT

Thought the Bulls were overrated and was right.

11/12/2009 * at Miami (OH) LOSE  WRONG

How did I miss this one?  Miami was WAY WAY worse than I thought.

11/20/2009 * Akron WIN  RIGHT

I thought Sheehan was better than Akron's QB and that was before he was kicked off the team.

11/27/2009 * Toledo WIN  RIGHT

Thought BG would have improved enough to win this game and I was right.

So I had us going 6-6 and I was one game low.  That is as good as it gets.  In fact, I picked 7 of the 12 games right, which is probably about normal if not a little low.  I didn't have enough confidence for us on the road, and those are probably the worst ones  I missed.


Tim said...

"Thought the Bulls were overrated and was right."

That smarts... Of course you said that before we lost James Starks and still won with less than a minute left... It's not like you marched all over us..

Orange said...

All that is true, but you were picked to win the division, and that was what I was really referring to.