Wednesday, November 04, 2009

MAC Roundtable questions....

We are hosting the roundtable this week. Watch the comments for responses from around the MAC and then Friday we'll sum it all up.

1. Now that we have reached November, what do you really think of this no-Saturday stuff? Is it a necessary evil, an unnecessary evil, or a non-issue? Do you think that the difficulty for home fans outweighs the long-term benefit of being on ESPN?
Well, since this was my question, I might as well fess up that I think the MAC in the past has been so busy worrying about being on television (for the recruits it attracts) that it forgets that empty stadiums and lousy game day environments are not exactly  going to draw recruits either.  I felt that was especially true when the games were on ESPNU (barely a national network until Comcast picked it up) and when we were not getting paid.  Often times, the game times are as bad as the game day. To wit, a BG game against Akron at 5:00 on a Friday night.

Now I understand some cash is coming in, and last night's game was on a main network.  I guess I understand it is a necessary evil, but I believe it greatly diminishes the loyal fan experience and keeps casual fans from becoming loyal fans.

2. As we hit the home stretch, who are your early leaders for MAC Offensive and Defensive players of the year? Coach of the Year?

This one is going to be interesting.  Obviously, LeFevour is a huge player, but Freddie Barnes will get votes too, especially if he sets the record.  If CMU wins out, I have to believe LeFevour will get the choice.  On defense, I'd think Barry Church and Noah Keller would be up there, along with Brian Lainhart and Temple's Andre Robinson.  I believe Doug Martin or Al Golden will be Coach of the Year, depending on how things shake out in the East.

3. Bernard Pierce is making a huge impact as a freshmen at Temple. What freshmen are making an impact or showing promise at your program?

True FR Dwayne Woods has gotten reps right away and made a really nice play against Buffalo when BG needed a big hit.  S Tim Moore has also gotten reps and has been a productive special teams player.

4. Think back on your time as a fan.....what is the single most exciting or thrilling moment you recall witnessing for your team.....I'm thinking in person, but certainly not a requirement.

The most exciting Falcon game I remember was my senior year in college, the Fall of 1985. We played Miami, and Brian McClure was injured. An undefeated season was on the line. Miami had a huge lead, but the Falcons rallied back with the help of an unused backup QB, TWO onside kick recoveries, a 25 yard scamper by said backup QB, and then a goal line stand. It remains the most exciting sporting event I have ever seen.

5. Rank 'em if you got 'em.

  1. CMU
  2. Temple
  3. NIU
  4. OU
  5. Kent
  6. BG
  7. WMU
  8. UT
  9. Buffalo
  10. Miami
  11. Ball St.
  12. Akron
  13. EMU


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