Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Vandelay Picks BG to go 6-6

Vandelay sports, one of the few devoted MAC sites out there on the web, has a MAC pigskin preview up.

Here's how his season has us going:

s. Wisconsin (Cleveland, OH) - LOSS

vs. Buffalo - WIN

@ Florida International - WIN

vs. Kent State - WIN

@ Ohio - LOSS

@ Ohio State - LOSS

vs. Eastern Michigan - WIN

@ Central Michigan - LOSS

@ Temple - WIN

@ Akron - LOSS

vs. Miami - WIN

@ Toledo - LOSS

Candidly, given the way we play on the road, that isn't unrealistic. The OU, CMU, Akron and UT road losses could all really happen. On the other hand, if we can pick off OU (which he identifies as a key game), we're 5-3 and in East contention.

On the details, he likes Anthony Turner better than most Falcon fans do. I'm not sure what anyone is using to judge AT at this point other than random speculation, but that's what he thinks and its pretty much what I think.

The defensive analysis is probably pretty negative. It is also hard to disagree with this. Earlier this year I wrote that we were a year away on D, and I don't think there's any reason to change that opinion. We're just really, really young on that side of the ball, and we weren't real good last year.

I'll do my formal game by game predictions closer to when the season starts, but I don't think any Falcon fan can say that 6-6 is out of the question. And, if there is some improvement, I think we can live with it if AT is coming around and it looks like we can compete again in 2007.

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