Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mid-Term Correction

Hey, its almost the middle of the year, and its the heat of summer, but hey! let's talk some Falcon hoops. It feels good, I will say. Hope springs eternal in the off-season.

Maureen Fulton covered an alumni game played as part of the first day of the Dan Dakich school.

A few notes. The current team won, the value of which is hard to judge (seems to me like they should have), though three of the alumni players are playing professionally in Europe, so they are still active, at least.

On other notes, Darryl Clements made a mark. It cannot be stated how important he is to having a return to respectability for the program next season.

Clements impressed in the scrimmage, showing speed and ability to create turnovers. Last season Clements averaged 2.3 points and 1.6 rebounds in 13 minutes a game. Martin Samarco, a second-team All-Mid-American Conference pick a year ago, said he has been mentoring Clements this summer.

“I’m trying to put him under my wing and show him that working hard will pay off,” Samarco said. “He’s starting to realize that if he works hard, the sky’s the limit for him. I go especially hard on him in the weight room, make sure every time we do a drill he’s gotta go hard.”
Other notes:

Dakich thinks he's a week away from a replacement for Artie Pepela.

Get this:

Sophomores Dusan Radivojevic and Erik Marschall have bulked up noticeably. Dakich said Radivojevic has gained 40 pounds since coming to BGSU and Marschall 30.
If accurate, that would be amazing. My hyperbole alert is blinking. 40 pounds on Dusan might be 25% of his previous weight. Marschall adding 30 would make him a force in the middle. The other factor addidng doubt is that those weights are since coming to BG, and neither seemed to bulk up during the season, meaning that much would have come since then. But, how could I tell.

Marschall has All-MAC potential, and with some additional bulk, I think he could be dangerous. On Dusan, we were so talent-poor last year that even if he can become a minor contributor, it elevates our team significantly.

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