Saturday, April 29, 2017


So, the NFL draft is in the books.  It was a busy three days for the MAC, who had 11 players drafted, tying their all-time high.  It started early, with Corey Davis going #5 to the Titans.  This is great for the MAC and for Corey, who was an all-time MAC great and the MAC offensive POTY.

Overall, UT had 3 players drafted, as WMU did.  OU had 2, and Buffalo, NIU and EMU had 1.

As a Lions fan and despite being a Toledo hater, I think the Roberts pick was great.  He was also picked while Jake Butt was still available.  The Lions also pick Kenny Golladay in round 3 to considerable abuse from the draft wonks.  We'll see.  Honestly, other than Davis, Hunt and Roberts have chances to be really good NFL players, as do Moten and Bashem, at a minimum.

1st round, 5th overall WR Corey Davis (Western Michigan) by the Tennessee Titans
2nd round, 64th overall OL Taylor Moton (Western Michigan) by the Carolina Panthers
3rd round, 80th overall DE Tarell Basham (Ohio) by the Indianapolis Colts
3rd round, 86th overall RB Kareem Hunt (Toledo) by the Kansas City Chiefs
3rd round, 96th overall WR Kenny Golladay (Northern Illinois) by the Detroit Lions
4th round, 127th overall TE Michael Roberts (Toledo) by the Detroit Lions
5th round, 148th overall LB Blair Brown (Ohio) by the Jacksonville Jaguars
7th round, 244th overall DT Treyvon Hester (Toledo) by the Oakland Raiders
7th round, 248th overall LB Keion Adams (Western Michigan) by the Pittsburgh Steelers
7th round, 250th overall DL Pat O'Connor (Eastern Michigan) by the Detroit Lions
7th round, 251st overall TE Mason Schreck (Buffalo) by the Cincinnati Bengals

On the UDFA front, we are seeing that Ronnie Moore has signed a UDFA with Cleveland and Izzah Lunsford with Green Bay.  Look, Roger Lewis was an UDFA and he stuck with the Giants for the year and will be back next year.  If you are in the camp, you have a shot.  Also, both players are two-time MAC Champions and Falcons forever, whether the play a down in the NFL or not.

Also, Greg Hohenstein has a camp invite with the LA Chargers as a long snapper.  No idea what the situation is there, but he was a totally solid long snapper for BG and I'd have to think he'd have a shot.

Note:  there are now two ways this can move forward.  UDFA invites are the preferred role.  Most mini-camp invites will last about a week and you don't even "release" those guys if they don't make it.  Having said that, a chance is a chance.

On the UDFA front, I suspect Hustle Belt is your source for info on this still developing topic.  A few interesting tidbits:

Franko House, a Falcon killer as a basketball player at BSU, will get a TE tryout with the Bears.
Cooper Rush will UDFA with the Cowboys.
Zach Terrell will get a shot with the Ravens.

If we hear any more about BG players Sunday, I'll put an additional post up.


Perry Boise said...

Gotta check out the clip and info for Ronnie. If last year's season is all that is a con I could live with that

NWLB said...

Yeah yeah, lots of draft picks, but can they win the MAC? Or beat NIU when it matters? Neeeeeeoooooooh.

It will be enjoyable to return to beating them like rented mules again. That day will come.