Saturday, April 08, 2017

Spring Game Concluded

Made it down for most of the spring game today.  Actually some of the best weather for a spring game that I can recall.  Some years it is as cold as a November game, but today was actually pretty nice.

As always, scrimmages are hard to judge.  For instance, if I told you we didn't have anybody who could cover Scottie Miller, you'd think that could be a good thing, a bad thing, or both.

And we didn't have anyone who could cover Scottie Miller.

I think it was 100% clear that Doege is in position to be the backup QB.  He threw 2 TD passes including a dazzling throw to Guyton in the corner of the end zone.  He appears to be a natural born QB.  Loy did decently and Cunningham appeared to have a tougher day.

James Morgan, I am assuming, will end up starting.  He had the game's only turnover for completed his other 4 passes in limited action.

In general, it was a "clean" scrimmage.  The offense had some big plays--including a huge run by Cleveland--but in my view, the defense won more than their fair share of the possessions.  And, given that our bigger concerns are on that side of the ball, I'm OK with that.   Coach called out his JUCO transfers--Guyton and Garth--as making big contributions among new players, which given that they are not right out of HS is not surprising.

It seemed like we blitzed a little more from the edges than I remember seeing last year, and the guys did seem to get home.  D back play on the corners seemed strong to me, except when guarding Scottie Miller.

Having said that, Guyton and Miller have the potential to form a very strong WR duo, with other guys filling in the gaps.  If Morgan is improved over last year and keeps his turnovers down, the offense could be good.

For my frequent Jake Suder correspondents, yes, Jake had a big game hitting a 46 yarder and a 49 yarder, both longer than his longest last season.

After the game, in the video below, Coach noted that BG had played mostly base...which teams to because their Spring Game is shared.  However, he says you will see BG in some "10" per, which is 10 personnel, which is 1 RB and 4 WR, he seemed to indicate it might not be that common because BG was to "control the clock" to help the defense out, which is a big switch from what we heard a year ago.

So, again, just a scrimmage.  Great to be out at the Doyt.

Oh, and I didn't see anyone injured.  Which is perhaps most key.  In fact, I have not heard about any serious injuries.

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Perry Boise said...

Dorian Hendrix reinjured a sprained ankle but that is it as far as I know. I thought loy was a surprise. Many times I thought it was doege but was lot. Doege wore 12 lot 13. They were putting passes where I couldn't believe they were. I don't think the running game really got going but that could be due to the teams structure for this. Neither team had a full compliment of starting lineman. The defense was hitting. But like you posted, it's an intersquad scrimmage.