Thursday, April 06, 2017

Coaching Change At BGSU

The staff has been one of the big concerns--maybe the biggest--as it relates to how Coach Jinks has chosen to structure the program.  Unlike Coach Babers, he did not make big changes in the off-season.  However, the Sentinel reported one change today...Benny Morrison, the LB Coach, was relieved of his duties.  As noted here when he came to BG, Morrison might have been the least qualified on a staff that has a bunch of question marks.  He had been a graduate assistant for FOUR years, three of them with Eliano at UTSA.  I honestly didn't think you could do that.

Anyway, Ryan Downard is moving to an on-field position.  Downard was the Director of Football Operations (initially named as Chief of Staff).  Before that, he had been a defensive assistant (like an assistant to the assistants) for the Browns.  FWIW, I have heard good things about him.

He will coach safeties.  Matt Brock, who was coaching special teams and nickel backs, will now coach the LB.  The story doesn't say what will happen with special teams but Coach Jinks has talked a lot about having a special teams coordinator, something I am a fan of as well.

Update:  Brock will continue to coach special teams.

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Perry Boise said...

Ryan is a stand-up person. He played the dback field at EMU and was a starter. After he graduated from there, he came back to Lima Shawnee where he came from and was a teacher for one of my daughters. I've had the chance to speak with him there and around Lima and also at BGSU at multiple events. He is respectful and pleasant to engage conversation with.