Friday, April 14, 2017

Update on Former BG Head MBB Coaches

Both of BG's last two MBB coaches are now back in of them in a surprising place and one in a predictable place.

Let's start with the easy one.  To no one's surprise, Chris Jans is back as the Associate Head Coach with Gregg Marshall at Wichita State.  That's where he came from before he came to BG and he had been working as a "consultant" for the Shockers for two years and was seen on the sideline by sharp-eyed Falcon fans during the NCAA tournament.  According to the article, he was promised the first open job, which has now happened.

I'm rooting for Jans.  What BG did was the right thing as it related to that incident, but one incident doesn't have to label someone for their entire life.  Even better, he seems to appreciate the second chance:

“I am indebted to Coach Marshall and the whole WSU administration for bringing me home,” Jans said. “They’ve been unbelievable to me and my family and we’re thankful and grateful for them believing in us and being there when we needed them most.”
The other is a little more interesting.  Patrick Ewing has hired Louis Orr to be on his staff at Georgetown.  This is very interesting.  First and foremost, those schools HATE each other and Orr was a lead player in the drama for the Orangemen. It would be similar to Chuck Ealey coaching the Falcons...or Bob Nichols...or Anthony Stacey being hired to coach for UT (wait...but wait, see what I mean?  That's how it feels).

It also might be the most NBA-experienced staff in college basketball history and depending on who else they hire might be the tallest staff in D1 history.

I wish Louis well, too.  I know it didn't work out at BG...that happens in life...but he is a man of integrity who always represented BG well.  I'll be rooting for him.

As a side note, Chauncey Orr finished his career with a lot of honors at the DII level.  You might remember that he transferred to Hawaii Pacific where he scored 19 PPG and 55% shooting.  He was all-conference, the tournament MVP and an honorable mention All-American.

Note:  Chris Jans is now going to be the Head Coach at New Mexico State.

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Ken said...

Great update. I am happy for both of them.