Saturday, April 01, 2017

Falcons Land 3-star 2017 Texas DL

So recruiting was not over for the Bowling Green Falcons when signing day came, as they landed a non-April fool surprise when they landed DT Josh Croslen from Steele HS, which, I suspect you know, is the school where Coach Jinks made himself into what he is today.

Here's the story.  First, Steele was a good team last year, playing for Steele HS making it all the way to the Class 6A Division II State finals last year before losing.  They had 9 players go on to play some kind of post-HS football, but the local writer thinks Croslen might have been the best of them.

He was set to go to Minnesota...under the previous regime.  He apparently dropped his verbal during the bowl boycott scandal stuff.  Fleck would still have taken him, but he opted out.  Unfortunately, most of the teams interested in him didn't have a scholarship available, but Coach Jinks stayed with him and landed the young man.  He has signed.

This is one to put a pin in.  BG hasn't had a homewrecking DT since Chris Jones left and it just can't be described how much a guy like Jones would open stuff up for others AND cause carnage himself, even when double-teamed.

He is 6'1" and 280 pounds and was the San Antonio Express-News Defensive Player of the Year.  He had offers from Minnesota (obvi), Houston, Air Force, Navy, Colorado State, La-Monroe, North Texas State, SMU, Southern Miss, Texas State, and Texas-San Antonio.

Croslen registered 75 tackles, including 28 for loss, and 10 sacks as a senior.  Those are not misprints.  28 for loss.

And, he's an honor roll student, if you didn't get that from the service academy offers.

It would be ironic if this was Austin Valdez's scholarship.

Anyway, this was a big one.  Will say it again...we haven't seen if Coach Jinks has the full game to be a successful D1 coach but he clearly can recruit highly ranked players.

Not sure if Josh plays in year one, but it is possible, in my opinion.

Welcome to the Falcons, Josh.

Update:  Hey, one other thing I should have mentioned.  Josh is actually one of THREE 3-star DLs BG has in this class.  Caylon May, who comes in at 6'1" and 308 pounds and Jamari Rouse, who is smaller at 6'2" and 262.  BG investing in the front D-line, which I am for.  Nothing breaks down an offense faster than chaos on the line of scrimmage and when it comes from the middle, it opens the ends up and keeps one potential receiver in to block on pass plays.


unique2008 said...

How is this ironic if it is Austin Valdez's scholarship?

Orange said...

I just meant that losing Valdez opened up the opportunity to sign this young man which we would not have been able to do.

unique2008 said...

Oh! I gotcha😄

Anonymous said...

One reason for alot of players being redshirted their freshman year yr is to allow for physical maturity. By pictures and number listing that doesn't seem to be the issue with these guys. Hopefully they get to play now for the experience as next year we lose most that are there now

Orange said...

At least two of them. You might still redshirt Rouse. Of course, none of these guys are even here yet.

Anonymous said...

That's true. Hopefully we don't have a repeat of last year with recruits not showing up.

Orange said...

Agreed. Signing them is just step 1.

Ken said...

Great news! Thanks for the update! By the way, I was able to meet and talk with Mike Jinks at several BG basketball games because our seats were near his. Both he and two of his assistants are very down to earth, humble, friendly people who expressed genuine gladness to be in BG - including enjoying the town and the people. Mike was cheering for the basketball team as if he were one of "us" (a BG fan), waving his arms for a free T-Shirt, paying attention to the video board events, etc. I was very impressed at a personal level with all of it. Couple that with the loaning of football players to the basketball team and I sense a spirit of generosity and buy in.

I thought I would pass that along for what its worth.

Unknown said...

Have I missed it or has the spring scrimmage time yet to be published

Orange said...

I have not seen a time listed.

And, Ken, I do believe the Jinks team is 100% earnest and sincere. I believe they are committed to making BG a success. The question is whether they have the skill and experience to actually succeed. That is the hardest thing.

Unknown said...

Last year at the spring scrimmage I sat beside Jinks wife and family and they were really nice. Same with Eliano's. They are all good people and hope for their success