Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Falcon Football Players Charged With Forgery--Updated

The Sentinel is reporting that two players on the football team have been charged with forgery.  The players are Malik Brown and Brian Jennings.  They were arrested on Friday.

BGSU told the Sentinel that they are aware of the situation and they are gathering more information before determining what the next steps might be.  Usual disclaimers exist...an accusation by the government does not make you guilty.

Both players are linked to Babers.  A HS 3-star prospect, Brown transferred from Tennessee during Dino's first year and played in 11 games last year with 6 tackles and a forced fumble.  He is listed as a R-Sr.

Brian Jennings II played for Babers at EIU then transferred to BGSU.  He has appeared in one game with the Falcons.

FWIW, I think Coach Jinks has been shown to be effective at handling issues like this.  He does seem to understand that we want to win the right way at BGSU and he does understand that it is part of his job to protect the dignity of the institution.  Not sure about his predecessor.

Update:  The Sentinel has further details on the allegations.

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Anonymous said...

As a father it was tough to see the article and follow the blogs and not be able to say anything, but I knew the eventual outcome, DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE. My son requested a Polygraph but it became unnecessary after detectives reviewed the video and he CLEARY did not pass any counterfeit money. In fact,he didn't pass any money to any employee. He didn't even come with this group but did ride home with them.