Wednesday, May 31, 2017

MAC Football Schedule Update

So, the MAC gave fans a little more updated news on football, as it released a partial schedule and game times for the upcoming season.  Here it is for BG....I suspect something in this will infuriate people...having said that, here we go.

First, the September 9 game at 6 pm is good.  I like a later start when the weather is good.  It allows the tailgate environment to blossom.

The October 14 game is a 12-day selection, which means that game time and coverage will be announced 12 days before the actual game. (Update/Note, per Jason Knavel in the comments, the October 14 game WILL start at 3:30 but the actual network will be determined 12 days out.)

Also, BG does not have any super-early games in November.  Some years we start at 6 and that is a bear for fans with gainful employment, so at least 7 is better.

Hopefully, we will have a good crowd on 9/30.  The boys are going to need a win that night, in all likelihood.

Also, we play on Halloween this year...away, but still.  And that's a weeknight game at Kent.

This was already known, but BG's first four games are tough.  BG could easily leave those games 1-3.  I mean easily.  Hopefully, we will hold everyone under 70, but that is a daunting road.  A 6-6 record would be an accomplishment for this team.

Bowling Green
2 at Michigan State, Noon ET (ESPNU)
9 South Dakota, 6:00 pm ET (ESPN3)
16 at Northwestern
23 at Middle Tennessee
30 *Akron
7 *at Miami
14 *Ohio, 3:30 pm ET (12-day selection)
21 *NIU
31 *at Kent State, 7:30 pm ET or 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2/ESPNU)
7 *at Buffalo, 7:30 pm ET (ESPN2/ESPNU)
15 *Toledo, 7:00 pm ET or 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2/ESPNU/CBS Sports Network)
21 *at Eastern Michigan, 7:00 pm ET (ESPNU/ESPN3)

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Jason Knavel said...

Just to clarify -- The Oct. 14 12-day selection is for television ONLY. The kick time is set for 3:30 pm. Just wanted to make that abundantly clear.