Monday, May 29, 2017

Falcon Football has second '18 verbal

BG has picked up its second football verbal, and this one is a young man who should be familiar to Mike Jinks, since he plays at Steele HS in San Antonio, the program that launched Coach Jinks into the D1 coaching ranks.

This young man is WR Onyx Smith. He's 6'0" and 196 pounds and listed as 2-stars on 24/7.  He's clearly a good student with offers from Air Force and Navy, which were his only FBS offers.

He was second-team all-district last year.  (By the way, BG has Joshua Croslen coming from Steele in the '17 class and he was district defensive player of the year).

He had a very productive junior season, catching 50 passes for 801 yards and 8TDs, which seems pretty good for a HS team. The QB was Xavier Martin, who is going to Texas Tech and this article indicates that he was prone to take off and run.  Also, they played 16 games on their way to making the state finals in Texas.

He had the second most catches on the team.  They completed about 181 passes, so he was in the 30% range of their overall catches.  This article says that he may play QB at Steele this year.

Anyway, Coach has said that we need something like 8 playable WRs at all times, so that's going to be a non-stop need, day in and day out.

Welcome to the Falcons, Onyx.

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