Thursday, January 19, 2017

Falcon Football Spring Roster Reveals Departures

So BG released the latest version of the spring roster and there are a couple significant omissions when you compare it to the previous roster.

We also have no idea what happened and a lot of times we don't hear anything.  Usually, players just decide college football isn't for them anymore, they are a long way from home, etc.  But other things could be at play too.

So, the following players are no longer listed on the roster who were expected back. (There are a couple more who were walk-on types).

  • CB CJ Pickrom--This one is most significant.  A lack of depth forced him into action but once that happens, things are usually picking up and you benefit from them being on the field.  At a positon of continuing need as well.
  • WR Vanel Dossous--He had 9 catches and made 2 starts.  Was JUCO coming in, transferring to a DII school.  Obviously didn't get a lot of run, but was at a position of need.
  • DL Grant Coffey--California JUCO D-lineman, battled injuries, played in 1 game.  Was expected to contribute.
  • RB Charles Lamar--R-FR year, DNP.  Was recruited from Florida.
  • DL De'Angelo Ware--Played some in '15.

For those of you keeping score on the blame game, 3 of the 5 were Jinks guys.  Lamar was in Babers only full-year recruiting class and Ware was a Babers recruit from his first class, which didn't start until late December.

These things do happen and, actually, given the instability in the program, it could have been worse, in my opinion.  Still, BG has numbers issues and these departures put stress on the system.  At this point, I honestly think BG is looking at a 2018 return to competitiveness, but that could change.

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