Wednesday, January 25, 2017

BG MBB Drops #5....

BG got half the equation they needed in Mt. Pleasant by holding the high-powered CMU offense down somewhere near a human level.  Unfortunately, BG was unable to score enough points to take advantage, losing 82-76.  In particular, the Falcons suffered by struggling at the free throw line.

CMU bolted out to a 12 point lead with 8 minutes left in the first half.  BG eventually got it to 6 before it blew back up to 14 and the half ended with the Chips still holding the 12 point lead.  For much of the 2nd half, it didn't appear that CMU was going to have any troubles with the Falcons, leading by something between 9 and 15 until there was about 8 minutes left.  Wes Alcegaire nailed a 3FG and got the lead down to 6.  It got down to 4 a few times.

With 2 minutes left, BG was down 5 and CMU had the ball.  They missed a shot and the Falcons had the ball back.  This was probably BG's biggest possession of the game and Ali committed a turnover and then CMU ran some clock and ended up with a basket.  Now down 7 with :53 left, BG missed a 3FG on their next possession and fouled, giving up a FT, and down 8 things were pretty much over.  Those two possessions were BG's last chance.

BG falls to 8-12/2-5.

BG held CMU to 1.05 points per possession, their lowest since their first two games of the MAC season (both losses).  Unfortunately, BG scored only .97 points per possession, their 4th game out of the last 5 under 1 point per possession.

Shooting for the game was very even, with BG shooting 38%/23% and CMU shooting 38%/22%.  BG took better care of the ball and neither team did much on the offensive boards, but CMU had a huge advantage on FTs.  CMU was 22 of 26...which is obviously really good...and BG had a terrible game at 9 out of 18.  As Coach Huger said after the game, making your FTs is part of basketball, BG practices it and just is very inconsistent.  (For the year BG is #299 in the country in FT shooting and 9th in the MAC during MAC games with a falling percentage.)

The big story on an individual basis was Demajeo Wiggins who had 11 points and 22 freaking rebounds, the most since Cornelius Cash--who I saw play--roamed the floor at Anderson Arena.  Even so, as Coach Huger mentioned, Wiggins was 4 of 10 shooting, which should be higher since it's "mostly layups."  He did add 4 assists.  Rodrick Caldwell also had 19 points, on 8 of 15 shooting, which is good for a guard.  Also, it came in 21 minutes.

Both of these guys are young guys recruited by Huger and part of what we certainly hope is the upward trajectory of the program.  Wiggins has improved a lot this year and if Caldwell (who is still inconsistent) can make the same progress, things start to get interesting.

Wes Alcegaire had 16 on 6 of 15 shooting.  Ali, Frye and Denny really struggled.  Antwon Lillard had 6 rebounds.

So BG joins Miami and WMU at the bottom of the MAC standings with 2-5 records.  Ohio is next on Saturday, with a chance for the Falcons to pick up a second straight win on home court.

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