Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Falcon MBB Skids Continue

BG lost 85-73 to the Toledo Rockets at Savage.

That's 6 straight to the Rockets and 3 straight this season....not to the Rockets, just in general.

There's not a good feeling that comes from losing to UT.  They are the better team and have been for a few years, really since Kowalcyk got things going after the Gene Cross debacle. And this year's first matchup was really more of the same.

BG had a run in the first half to take the lead 32-30, with 4 minutes left, but UT went on a 13-0 run to close the half out.  UT led the rest of the way...they used an 11-0 to stretch the lead over 20 and though BG kept playing, they couldn't get closer than 9 and that only happened once.  Essentially, for the last 24 minutes of the game it was no contest as the Rockets cruised to the win.

So, at least on this night, they remain the better team.

And there is nothing good about that.

Coach Huger is unlikely to be too happy with his defense after this game.  It was a tough assignment going in.  UT, as noted in the preview, is a highly efficient offensive team.  They were here as well.  UT scored 1.16 points per possession, the 3rd outsized offensive game BG has allowed in 5 MAC games.  UT got there by shooting 61% from 2FG and 45% from 3FG, both of which are really good numbers.  They also got to the line 31 times--BG was fouling a lot at the end.  UT was 18-31 at the line...but players not named Stevie Taylor were 18-23.  Taylor dropped a bagel on 8 FT attempts.

Anyway, BG end up with 1 point per possession, which is below the current D1 average.  BG shot OK on 2FGS (52%) but really gagged it up on the 3FG, making only 3-19.  Denny missed all 5 of his attempts.  BG had a big game on the offensive boards--which helps that 2FG% as well--but only shot 12 FTs, making 8.  Overall, BG was -10 at the line.

Coach Huger called out the Falcon starters after the NIU game.  I'd say he got a much stronger performance offensively from them, though he may still not be happy with the defense.  Wiggins double-doubled with 17 points on 6 of 9 shooting and 11 rebounds.  Alcegaire had 14 on 6 of 15 shooting, 7 rebounds and 4 turnovers.  Denny had 12 but it took him 5 of 15 shooting to get there.  He also had 7 boards.  Ish Ali had 9 on 4 of 12 shooting, but added 8 assists over 3 turnovers.  Dylan Frye scored 9 points off the bench.  BG played a much shorter rotation.  The top 6 players went 175 of the game's minutes.

So, back to the Stroh with a return engagement against Ball State, against whom BG experienced their best moment of the season.  at 1-4 in MAC play, things have rapidly sunk to a bad place.

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