Friday, January 27, 2017

Shorthanded MBB enlist help from football team

Well, the four suspensions, plus the injuries to Turner and Uju, left the BG Men's Basketball program short on bodies.  Really, you are down to Wiggins, Frye, Caldwell, Fox, Alcegaire, Hluchoweckyj and that's going to be a long day.

So, to help spread the workload out, BG has dipped into the football team for a couple bodies.  They are Hunter Folkestma and Teo Redding.

Folkerstma is a TE on the football team.  He's 6'5" and 244, which we could use.  He played basketball in high school and was a post player.

Teo Redding is a WR who is 6'1" and did appear to be a pretty productive player in HS, based on a google search.  Also, here's a big dunk.

Of course, the biggest moment in the history of football players on the basketball court was when Cole Magner jumped over and actually played some minutes at PG during the Dakich years.  The win over Miami with most of the football team in the house can be reliably referred to as the "Cole Magner Game" to anyone who was there.

Keon Newsome also was with the basketball team at the same time, and Shaun Joplin was on the team for a while, though to my memory he only played for a few seconds, and that was to commit an intentional foul.  But I could have that wrong.

Anyway, also no idea how long these guys will stay with the team.  If the suspensions end up being one game, I would suspect that the answer is one game.  But we shall see.  Thanks for lending a hand, Hunter and Teo!

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